Put these three together, and it’s a recipe for ADVENTURE!
Along the way, they’re going to have to learn that life is a
journey and you can’t predict where it’s going to take you.
So, hang on tight!
BZ is a natural-born adventurer who’s always IN THE MOMENT. He’s constantly looking for a good time and never wants to be alone with his own thoughts, which is why he always surrounds himself with good friends. Being in The Pond is all BZ has ever hoped for!
Full name: Ichabod Maximus Tiger! Tiger is a nervous nelly who is always LOOKING BACK. He thought for sure he was going to end up in a kid’s cozy aquarium. But now he’s in The Pond – and everything freaks him out!
Jam is the rebellious youngest sister of three Tetras and challenges authority more than all the other fish in Blue Zoo combined. Jam is always LOOKING FORWARD. She can’t wait to grow up so she can be taken seriously. The Pond is all she has ever known, but she knows everything about it!
The Grown-Ups are the glue that holds the town
of Blue Zoo together. They’re a kooky bunch, but
their hearts are always in the right place.
Sheriff Alpha is Blue Zoo’s own aquatic Javert. He may look pretty, but he’s the strong, overconfident, defender of the peace – with the power to spawn unlimited duplicates — which he calls “Deputies!” He has little tolerance for pranksters which makes him quite a target – or two.
Ange is the sweet matriarch of Blue Zoo. She runs The Briney Brooke, the local diner, and her power to “super stretch” her fins comes in handy to cook and serve food at the same time – as well as throw anyone out who’s misbehaving.
Cory is the town weirdo. A babbling, overly polite cleaning machine who spends all day cleaning up The Briney Brooke and tending to Ange’s every need. But don’t ask him what his power is: he’s keeping it a secret!
Mr. T Tanic is the oldest – and most curmudgeonly – fish in Blue Zoo. He lives in a shipwreck on the outside of town. He has detachable fins (each with a different power) and a Dream Bubble that appears while he sleeps (displaying his dreams for all to see like old black & white movies). He also has a pet cherry shrimp, Steady, that he rides like a Rascal Scooter!
Paddles can see both sides of every issue… literally. He’s a hermit who lives in Puddle Dump Mountain, far away from town, and shows up at the most random times. His crazy eyes can see the future. Every possible outcome! And it’s driving him mad.
Melloo is the Upside-Down Catfish Wizard of legend. She lives in a hidden Tree Castle in the middle of the Lunarbalk Forest. She’s like the Merlin of the Pond: vast powers, a little kooky, and very mysterious. Don’t make her mad by refusing her tea!
The Great Beasts are the most dangerous hunters of
The Pond. They’ve been trapped inside statues in
Blue Zoo for over a hundred rains…until now.
Of all The Great Beasts, this one is the scariest. Bolo is like a large, mean snake who ripples with electricity. At the end of the pilot, he is set free from his statue prison and terrorizes the town. But he is really that mean or just misunderstood?
Boom Boom Cheeser is a bit hot-tempered. When he loses his temper, he gets a tummy ache which causes him to spit great balls of fire at anyone who comes near.
Von Kutcha has a chilly personality. As his big bulging forehead indicates, he’s got a lot of thoughts upstairs and wants to be left alone. If you get too close to him, he’ll freeze you into a block of ice.
Zinker is the sneakiest fish in The Pond. He’s capable of camouflaging into anything with a twitch of his whiskers. But in his heart, he’s just a kitty who misses his home.

Poofer is the one – and only – uncaptured Great Beast of The Pond. He’s a big ball of hungry and impossible to catch, because he teleports this way and that leaving ZAPS of lightning in his wake.

Weird Waters® is a trademark of Wayletta Productions LLC

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Weird Waters® is a trademark of Wayletta Productions LLC © 2021 Wayletta Productions LLC